Brewery allows players to brew Alcohol realistically - it's not just putting ingredients into a brewing stand and ending up with Alcohol.

Drinking Alcohol bring upon obvious effects, including dizziness, stumbling, and slurred speech.

Fermenting Edit

The first thing players need to do is to light a fire below a cauldron, and fill said cauldron with water.

Players can then right-click ingredients into this cauldron, and they will start fermenting. Players can right click the cauldron with a clock to be told how long the items have been brewing.

Once a player believes a brew has been fermenting for long enough, said player can withdraw the fermented brew with glass bottles.

Distilling Edit

A player can place a bottle of ferment in a brewing stand with glowstone dust as a ingredient to distill.

Aging Edit

To age a ferment, barrels are needed. There are two types of barrels available: small and large barrels, and they need to be built like so:

68747470733a2f2f646c2e64726f70626f7875736572636f6e74656e742e636f6d2f752f31363234303135392f4d696e6563726166742f50696374757265732f6b6c32656e672e706e67 68747470733a2f2f646c2e64726f70626f7875736572636f6e74656e742e636f6d2f752f31363234303135392f4d696e6563726166742f50696374757265732f677232656e672e706e67

The small barrel can be opened by right clicking the sign, and the large barrel is opened by right clicking the spigot - the fence sticking out.

Recipes Edit

Most recipes are not known or only known with small circles, players should experiment and see what they find!