Mob Type Health Occurence Drops Description
Alpha Wolf ??? Rare Nothing Tough leaders of the pack that call

other wolves to assist them.

Dragon ??? Very Rare Diamond Enchanted Gear (Researcher Specific) Flying beasts that appear in different variants, many fly towards the center of the map.
Giant ??? Very Rare Diamond Enchanted Gear (Researcher Specific) Huge zombies with lots of health.
Jumble Creeper ??? Uncommon Nothing if killed by player.

Drops seeds/flowers upon explosion

in specific biomes.

Creepers with jumbled names that drop flowers or seeds when exploding in specific biomes
Iron Golem ??? Uncommon Drops 3 twisted iron for both variants. Hostile Golems that fight players and other mobs. Ancient variants have considerably more health than regular golems
Mimic ??? Uncommon Nothing Strange creatures that appear as dirt blocks and jump to attack the player upon contact.
Risen Dead ??? Uncommon Bounty Page Zombie in chainmail armor and an iron sword, packs a punch.
Undead Knight ??? Rare Golden Crown and Skeleton Sword Highly armored undead cavalry, prepare for a fight against this undead rider.
Undead Rogue ??? Uncommon Bone Sword and Bone Bow. Teleporting skeletons armored in chainmail, fairly weak but annoying to kill.