Diseases adds - as the name suggests - diseases, which can be brought on by a multitude of things, each of which can be cured in their own way. There are currently 12 diseases, as listed below:

Disease Cause Cure
Flesh Wound Breaking blocks with your bare hands Bandage
Yellow Fever Insect infested Jungles Sweetwort Potion
Whooping Cough Dusty Deserts Smoothwater Potion
Plague Zombie damage Bitterword Potion
Cholera Drinking unclean water Brightwater Potion
Broken Leg Falling from great heights Splint
Pneumonia Extended stay in cold conditions Heated Cream/Warm Gel
Swamp Feaver Swamps Blackbrew Potion
Open Wound Taking damage from a Sword Bandage
Choking Eating too fast Slap on the back
Rabies Wolf bites Lycan Potion
The Pox Being near animals Sweetbrine Potion

There is also one more item, it doesn't cure any disease, but it does sooth whatever disease you may have, giving you more time to get the cure: the Soothing Potion.

There is a immunity aspect too, for example: the more a player lives in a desert and catchs Whooping Cough, the less likely they will catch Whooping Cough again.

Cures Edit

Here is a list of all the cures, and how to craft each one:


Temperature Edit

Diseases isn't all that Diseases adds, it also adds in Temperature. If a players temperature goes too high, they'll have a heat stroke, and they'll catch Hypothermia if they get too cold. Each biome has different base temperatures, and the general temperature changes if you underground, on the surface, or on the top of a mountain too!

Ways to get warm:

  • Stay indoors in cold areas
  • Hold a heat source in your hand (A torch)
  • Keep dry
  • Build a campfire
  • Wearing leather armor

Ways to keep cool:

  • Swimming!
  • Staying indoors in the desert style environments
  • Wearing no armor
  • Standing in storms
  • Staying away from heat sources

Commands Edit

Players can see what diseases they have with this command:

/disease check