Juke Alert is a add on for Citadel that gives players the ability to create Snitches and Alerts, which in turn allows player to catch griefers and thieves.

Snitch Edit

Snitches are Jukeboxes that record the entering of players, breaking and placing blocks, and opening of containers within an area.

Snitches have a cull time of two weeks.

Alert Edit

Alerts are Noteblocks that only notify players when players enter the area around the Alert.

Alerts have a cull time of four weeks.

Cull Time Edit

Cull time is how long a Snitch/Alert can be left without being 'culled' before it disables itself.

To cull a Snitch/Alert, a Moderator or Owner of the reinforcement group the Snitch/Alert is a part of must walk near it.

Creating Edit

Creating A Snitch/Alert is quite simple, players must simply reinforce their Jukebox/Noteblock, and every player within that reinforcement group will have access to the records/be notified of entry of players into the area.

Commands Edit

  • /ja
    • Show information about Juke Alert and possible commands.
  • /jahelp
    • Show all commands.
  • /jainfo
    • Show info about a snitch.
  • /janame [Name]
    • Set the name of the snitch.
  • /jaclear
    • Clear a snitch.
  • /jaclearall
    • Clear all your snitches.