Summary Edit

The Kingdom of Razgriz is a modern, technologically advanced nation located in Central Spera. It has three cities under it's control and it owns the Trans-Aequitum Canal. A coastal city with it's focus primarily on construction and redstone technology, the Kingdom of Razgriz is a great nation for those who wish to build glorious metropolises!

Cities Edit

The Kingdom of Razgriz contains three cities: Oured, Solitude, and Fjordhelm.

Oured Edit

Oured is the capitol of Razgriz, and the most developed city in the nation. It is easily recognizable by its tall, stone slab buildings and majestic, fortified stone brick walls.

Solitude Edit

Solitude is the second largest city, but is still majorly underdeveloped. Inactive members, corrupt leaders, and lack of supplies have hindered Solitude's development thus far. Many projects have been put in place to bring Solitude up to speed with it's neighbor, Oured.

Fjordhelm Edit

Fjorhelm is the smallest city in the Kingdom of Razgriz, barely even registering as a city. Inherited by Razgriz after Estercrest fell, Fjordhelm is the only city in Razgriz that does not have a modern, technological style to its buildings. Instead, the style is much more gothic and medieval. It has no members, and has effectively been deemed a monument that is not to be modified.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Razgriz began when the travelers Arker_IV, jstaggers, and awesojay sailed from the eastern mountains to the fertile plains of Aequitum. They landed on the shore and occupied an abandoned fort on the coastline. The fort was destroyed, with the farm in ruins and the guardhouse a crater. The travelers began to repair the fort, fixing the farm and erecting new buildings. On June 13, 1930, the travelers established the Kingdom of Razgriz and announced the new Triarchy between them.

After the Kingdom was announced, the Triarchy began recruiting new members to populate their growing city. Oured grew fast, and soon needed to expand its borders. They then increased their claims into the plains to the north and claimed some of the desert to the southwest. In that desert, the Kingdom of Razgriz founded their second city, Solitude, on March 1, 1936.

The Kingdom of Razgriz had now been settled firmly, and although many new problems would arise inside and outside of Razgriz, they stood firm and are now well established in the politics of Spera.

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