RealMail allows players to send items and letters to other players, even when they're offline! This is extremely useful to send items to players, even if they're on the other side of the world!

Receiving Mail Edit

To receive mail, a player must first craft a Mailbox like so

: MailboxRecipe

Now you can place this Mailbox down anywhere, and mail will appear inside it whenever someone sends the owner of the mailbox mail.

Sending Mail Edit

To send mail, a player must first craft a Stationery like so:


The Stationery is just a cheep Book and Quill that can't be traded with Villagers. A player can write whatever they like within this book! They can also attach items to the Stationery by picking up the item with your cursor and clicking on the Stationery. They can pull items back out of the Stationery by picking it up and right clicking a empty slot. Both adding and removing items from a Stationery are shown below:

Realmail attachment

When they're ready to send your Stationery, the player would sign it with the name of the name of the player they want to send it to and right click on any mailbox - it doesn't have to be theirs - and the recipient will get their mail soon!

Notes Edit

If the recipients Mailbox is full, they won't be able to receive mail, but you'll be notified of this when you attempt to send them mail.

If a Mailbox is broken, the sender does not have to worry: Mailboxes are like Ender Chests, playes can access whatever mail they have from any Mailbox that is theirs.