These are a set of rules made to keep the wiki clean and professional. Please keep the following in consideration when creating/editing a page.

1. Refrain from using first person when writing Edit

Pronouns such as I, you, me, we, and us are strictly prohibited unless they are used in a direct quote (i.e. "The leader of Buttland, Carrots1743, said 'You can take our land, but you'll never take our carrots!'").

2. Link to other pages Edit

When you first mention something on a page, link to that something if it has a page, but only the first time you mention it on the page. (i.e. "Buttland's capital is Carrotopia" (Obviously this link doesn't exist, but if it did, it would take you to Carrotopia's page if you clicked on it).

3. Use proper English Edit

Does this one need to be explained?